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Agenda® 25 EC Resigen® EC Aqua K-Othrine® Premise® SC200 Aqua Resigen® Maxforce® Forte Deltacide® Maxforce® Quantum Racumin® Paste Temprid® SC


Black Garden Ant Carpet Beetle Blowfly Biscuit Beetle Clothes Moth Aedes Mosquito Norway Rat American Cockroach Culex Mosquito Hide and Larder Beetle House Mouse Lesser Mealworm Grain Mite Mosquito Larva Indian Meal Moth Grain Weevil German Cockroach Odorous Garden Ant Oriental Cockroach Grain Beetle Pharaoh Ant White Footed Ant Ghost Ant Housefly Anopheles Mosquito Flour Beetle Fire Ant Rice Moth Silverfish Flea Roof Rat Spider