Partnerships in the Philippines

Bayer Environmental Science is committed to developing people and partnerships with different stakeholders for the benefit of the Philippines society.

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The Philippines is the world’s second largest archipelago. With 2,000 of its 7,107 islands inhabited by a total of 105 Million people and scattered around 300,000 square kms of space, where does Bayer even begin to promote its mission of caring deeply about keeping living spaces clean, safe and healthy? It may seem like a huge challenge to navigate through the complexities of running a business here, but after few decades in the market, Bayer in the Philippines has reached places that we once thought we could not have gone before.

Thanks to our partnership work with key industry associations like Philippine Federation of Pest Management Operators' Association, Inc.(PFPMOA, Inc.), Pest Control Association of the Philippines (PCAP), Pest Exterminator Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PEAP), Pest Control Association of Visayas (PCAV), North Central Luzon Pest Management Operators Association, Inc. (NCLPMOAI) and South Luzon Pest Management Operators Association, Inc. (SLPMOAP) who have been actively going around the country to promote professional pest management.

Creating synergy with these industry associations is part of our mission to promote continuing education and dissemination of timely information on pest management. These industry conduits help us ultimately reach our goal of increasing urban wellness and sanitation and protecting public health, property and food.

Together, we endeavor to create awareness on the importance of environmental sanitation and raise the public perception of our operators as professional units handling their businesses and home-related hygiene solutions.

We continue to work closely with our National Distributors - Pycor Incorporated and Alog & Co - in different programs to enhance the business welfare and upgrade the technical skills of the pest management industry.