Why non-repellent termiticides are the best solution for controlling termites in Asia

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Termite control is certainly one of the most challenging tasks undertaken by pest control operators in Asia. As termites typically nest and forage underground, and remain hidden behind walls and ceilings in buildings, you need to search for clues to find their whereabouts, much like a detective.

Fortunately, there is a range to tools available that makes your job easier. Termite detection devices now enable termite identification with more accuracy without the need for so much probing (and damage) to wood. But one of the biggest advances in termite control over the past decade has been the introduction on the non-repellent termiticides.

Non-repellent termiticides work differently to the older repellent termiticides which are typically based on synthetic pyrethroid chemistry.

Instead of being repelled from treated soil, termites do not detect the presence of the non-repellent termiticides and they enter treated soil. By doing so they pick up a small dose of active ingredient and transfer it on to other termites before they die.
It’s a great and smart way to control termites, because you can put the non-repellent treatment down around the structure and just leave it to the termites to do the rest for you – little do they know it!

In a way the non-repellent termiticides also act like a termite bait. With both systems, the active ingredient is transferred back to the termite colony, either eliminating it, or making it unviable.

However, there is one big difference between the non-repellent liquid termiticides and the baits, in that the liquid non-repellents are applied such that a continuous treatment band or zone surrounding the structure. In-ground baits, on the other hand, are placed about 3 metres apart, thereby leaving a large gap for foraging termites to go through. This means in-ground baits don’t provide very good protection of structures.

It is the continuous treatment band around the structure that makes the non-repellents unique and so effective. They are the only tools that can help eliminate termites from structures as well as provide long-term ongoing protection of the structure.

In addition, no monthly inspections are required, because the liquid non-repellents are continuously working to protect the structure for you.

It’s for these reasons that Premise and Agenda have become the leading products in termite control in Asia. Over the last 12 years, increased success and fewer callbacks have been seen when using these products – and that’s something the industry needs today!