2015 Agenda Accredited Applicator of the Year

Congratulations to ProActive Pest Control!!

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ProActive Pest Control is one of the leading pest management professionals in the Philippines today. With their management philosophy “Better than Expected. Better than Others. Better than Before”, they have propelled themselves to the top through hard work, dedication and a commitment to excellence that is ingrained in each member of the company.

Eleazar “Dong” Concepcion, President and General Manager of ProActive Pest Control; has made it his personal goal to protect every home from the devastation of termites. As a neophyte pest control company, Dong joined the Bayer Agenda Accredited Applicators group looking for an innovative solution that will help him achieve his vision. After a decade, AGENDA and ProActive Pest Control are now partners in defending homes and businesses from termite destruction - one structure at a time. And what exactly is ProActive's formula for success? Sincere relationships, dedicated service and offering the best termiticide - Agenda.

As a long-standing partner with the United Architects of the Philippines, ProActive Pest Control continuously participates in the annual Construction Expo (CONEX); working with architects to ensure the protection of homes from termite damage during the pre-construction stage. Their hard work was recognized in 2015 when they earned the distinction of being the Agenda Accredited Applicator of the Year in the Philippines.

Find out more about ProActive Pest Control by visiting www.proactivepestcontrol.net. Or call 936-0023, 417-8781, 425-8337, (0917) 850 6259, (0922) 882-3661 to 65 to speak one of their representatives today.