Brown Rat
Rodents – A significant force worldwide
Rodents are arguably the most significant global pest for mankind. The three most common pests are:

They are present on every continent, causing problems that range from damage and loss in food production to structural damage and disease transmission.

Rats are known vectors of many human diseases such as leptospirosis, typhoid and even salmonellosis. Rodents harbour serious livestock diseases including several bacteria and viruses.

Cleanliness is the key to control
Thoroughly inspect the area to determine the extent of infestation and the type of rodent.

Control starts with good sanitation. Eliminate access to food and remove rubbish or clutter which rodents use as breeding or hiding places. Rodent-proof premises by sealing up areas where they can enter the building.

Traps can also be used for smaller populations but are less effective for large populations.

Achieve efficient rodent control
Rodenticide baits placed strategically where rats roam and seek food offer efficient control. Today’s rodenticides are anti-coagulants, causing death by inhibiting blood coagulation. This process takes several days.

Anti-coagulants treatments fall into two categories:
  • Single dose
  • Multi-dose
For single dose, rodents consume a lethal dose in a single feed, whereas for multi-dose, rodents must feed on the baits for several days before accumulating a lethal dose.

The advantage of multi-dose is a significantly reduced risk of secondary poisoning of non-target species.