Bayer Dengue Learning Lab

The world’s population is at risk of vector-borne diseases today and dengue still presents a serious global health challenge. It is a complex disease, with its vectors – the Aedes mosquito, highly adaptable and well suited to the ever-changing world in which we all live.

A study on the prevalence of dengue estimates that 3.9 billion people living in 128 countries are at risk of infection with dengue viruses. And, the number of countries suffering from dengue outbreaks is alarming

Fighting against dengue is our top priority and we strongly advocate an integrated approach that combines sustainable vector control measures with surveillance systems and also engaging dengue vector control experts from all over the world; in our continued efforts towards developing effective solutions for managing dengue and its vectors.

Training and education is a critical component under the Bayer 360° Vector Control model and this is especially true for dengue, where the community plays a crucial role in managing the potential outbreaks of this disease.

For many years, governments and other organisations have been actively running dengue awareness and education programs, which as we all are well aware, will always continue to be an ongoing task. And Bayer has developed an education tool – Dengue Learning Lab, as a complement to these activities.

It is an online learning platform developed by Bayer for the community to learn more about dengue – how to manage the disease and its vectors; and the many different ways the public can achieve to prevent dengue in and around their homes.

With this tool, you have the opportunity to learn with the aid of a visual trainer. The platform is interactive and engaging, testing you in your knowledge and skills in scenarios which are representative of what happens in real life.

Access Bayer Dengue Learning Lab using any computer or tablet device right now by clicking the image below. Once you’ve completed the training, we encourage you to share it with your family and friends to spread the expertise throughout our community.

Let’s work together in our fight against dengue.